Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blocks and Sacraments

One of the readings this weekend was the 23rd Psalm, my mom's favorite, and one of the blocks in our crazy quilt. Between her bouts with cancer, she and dad drove out to Iowa to see the Little Brown Church.

When she started this quilt, she bought several books on crazy quilting, and they all mentioned that traditionally, a spider web is always included, so I added one to ours:

Just a couple of others:
That basket is woven with silk ribbon, and the buttons are from mom's never-ending button collection.

And, my new blog banner is one of my favorites, as my mom was big on blessing counting and songs sung by Bing Crosby.
As a certified "First Communion Groupie", (an honor conferred by my friend, Paula, the queen of the groupies) I got my fill this weekend -- I played for the mass Saturday at St. Ambrose and Sunday at Providence, and then attended the Spanish Mass that afternoon. (I'm doing better with my Spanish, but it's amazing how much more sense Father's homily makes when you've already heard it twice in English.) Here are the St. A girls before Mass:
(I took a picture of the boys, as well, but they were being goofy. What's new?)

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  1. I love that crazy quilt. I grew up fairly close to the Little Brown Church. Thank you for sharing the photos!