Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year!

I don't make resolutions any more because I just break them in the first week or so and get all discouraged with myself.

But I do make plans, and one of my plans is to blog again.  Check.

First, I'll answer your questions.  Or, what I assume your questions would be.

Q:  Why haven't you blogged since September?

A:  This --
 Olive Rose, born on September 16
(thanks for this photo, darling Kelly)
and this --
Abigail Joan, born December 2
(thanks, Holly Von Buchler Photography for this amazing picture!)

And of course, I like hanging around with these guys, too:
 Paul and his Santa letter.  Happy to report that Santa delivered!

Tommy and Nate in the elf pajamas -- I think these were my best purchase of the season.

Q)  So, what's new?

A)  The downstairs floors, Clay's car and right knee and this:

Meet my new camper.  Well, she's not new, per se, but she's younger than me (she's merely 50 years old).  I have been wishing for a vintage camper for so long -- I've had a Dream Camper Pinterest board for ages and I wrote this poem to my future camper back in October of 2011.  I'll tell you the entire fortuitous story of how I came to acquire this gem soon, but for now, imagine how cute she will look next summer, with her turquoise stripe, awning and spiffed up aluminum.  I have found the perfect upholstery fabric for the cushions inside, but I'll save that for another post, too.  This will be fun, fun, fun!

Q:  What are your other plans for 2015?

A:  New things:

Help save the Monarch butterfly.          
Make my post-high school stage debut.  (Yikes, this is really happening!  I'll tell you this long story later, too, but you just might want to keep the weekends of February 13-14 or 20-21 open, just in case ...)

Same old things as last year:

Love and be kind.
Play more music, read more books and write more letters.
Finish sewing/crafty projects before starting anything new or buying new fabric or yarn.  Ugh.
Go to the gym and ride my bike on a more regular basis.
Garden and can.
Paint the upstairs hallway.

And the big one:  publish my book.  We'll talk more about that later, too.

Q:  So, are you going to blog more consistently, or is this just a big tease?

A:  Please, be nice.  I never claimed to be a consistent person, did I?   Have you had my meatloaf?

I was, however, thinking about dedicating a blogging day to each of the following:  books; food; crafty bits; my gorgeous kids and grandchildren; and general thoughts and whimsy.  So tomorrow, be ready for my first book post of the year.  I'm not promising that will happen every Friday, but I'll try.  Luckily for me, tomorrow's is already written.

So now, peace to you.  I'm off to eat some black-eyed peas, watch a little football and finish off one of those projects I had hoped to have completed by Christmas.  2012.

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