Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patriotic Cake!

Plain old white cake?   
Surprise!  It's an Apparently I Didn't Have Enough To Do Today To Get Ready For This Dinner For 28 People so I Made a Flag Cake!  

(So thankful that my pal, Sylviane, took a picture of the cake and posted it on facebook --why do I always forget until the cakes are looking a little scrappy?)

It really wasn't all that difficult -- 1 recipe of red velvet in 2-9"round pans, split, 1 recipe of white, done the same, and one recipe of white dyed with a lot of blue coloring.  I baked the blue in one round pan and made cupcakes with the rest.  I stacked 5 red and white layers (with cream cheese frosting), then another set of red/white/red.  Just cut a circle out of the middle of the blue layer, cut the red/white/red circle the same size and squeeze in down in the blue ring.

It's a Grand Old Flag.  Cake.


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