Monday, February 10, 2014

Nate/Nate Birthday Party

Great family day yesterday -- our two Nates share a birthday, and we all got together to celebrate.  Little Nate is 8, and Big Nate is 31!  Happy Birthday, boys!  

After Little Nate's favorite meal of spaghetti and meatballs, salad and garlic bread, we had cake!
Isn't he the cutest thing?  

8 candles is a lot of work!

 Devil's Food Cake (recipe from America's Test Kitchen) with butter cream and fondant/white chocolate decorations.  I bought lego and lego man silicon molds from Amazon last week -- much easier than cutting all those lego dots out with a pen cap as I did for Griffin's cake:

You can download a free lego font, but since our computer has been a little iffy lately, I didn't want to take a chance of importing a virus, so I just free-handed the banner.

 We should thank Big Nate for introducing us the joy that is sugar cream pie -- I made two for the party yesterday!  Paul didn't give him a chance to blow out his own candles, though!

Olympics, a fire in the fireplace and lots of games of Go Fish.  It was a great day.


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