Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sewing Again, and A New Friend

 My poor old messenger bag is looking shabby.  I never really intended to carry it all the time, but it just sort of worked out that way.  And now it's grubby and there's a hole in a pocket and honestly, I pack it with so much crap that it's way too heavy.  Sniff.  Make way for the boo hoo baby.  (Wow.  Blast from the past.  I loved that book.)

I digress.  As usual.  Anyway, I had purchased a stack of cool Enchino fabric for my cool friend, Kim, so we could make her a cool purse.  I did, however, keep a pretty big slice of the cool gold glasses fabric for myself.  I pieced that together with some Melody Miller Ruby Star and came up with this new bag:

Where did that button come from?  If you guessed my mom's infinite button box, you would be right.

And by the way, did you know that you no longer have to make a trip to Indianapolis for cool fabric?  Crimson Tate, sells ONLINE!  To quote Heather, Holy Cats!  

The back:
No pattern, just a general idea, a quilt ruler and rotary cutter.  And years and years of messing with fabric.

Every couple of weeks, I go to the Goodwill and try to find cheap old purses to scavenge the hardware on them.  For this purse, I also cut out a zippered pocket from one of my purchases and added that to the inside.  For secret stuff:.

 In these pictures, my new purse is hanging on my mom's sewing rocker.  I love that chair, and think it was made for a short woman like me, as my feet easily rest flat on the floor.  A few weeks ago, my friend, Lori, brought me this little sewing cabinet which will be just right by my rocker.  It has a little sliding drawer, a drawer for spools of thread and a compartment on each side.  How adorable is this?

Lori got this for $10, but then saw one at an antique store for $125.  How savvy is she?  I thought about painting this, but might just clean it up and give it a little polish.

I bought some cute new fabric to make pillow cases for the boys for their birthdays (even though Nate's birthday isn't until February, I think I'll make him one, anyway!):

I thought this was extra cool -- color-by-numbers.  I have no plans for this fabric, but I know it will turn into something groovy.

And I bought this fabric

with my new friend, Mailes, from Zambia in mind.  Wonder if she would like a pillowcase?  Or a tote bag?  Or a backpack for her school supplies?  Yep, I'm helping her to go to school, and I couldn't be much happier.

I just wrote her a letter, and was telling her about Annie and Zoe, and how they make us laugh.  They are becoming better friends every day.  Even though this picture is a little blurry, I love it.

"Hey Zoe, wake up.  Let's go wreak havoc in Georgie's workroom."


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  1. I sure enjoy your blogs. You are so refreshing, generous, and creative. Keep on keeping on. I'm pulling for you all the way!