Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Few Random Things

When you don't blog for a while, you have a lot to catch up on.  So here you go:

Random loot from India.  Look at that yarn!  Clay has a very interesting story to go along with this yarn, and if he would blog about his adventures, I would link to it here.  (Hint, hint.)

Psi Otes had a crafty fall social/brunch -- we made ornaments, treats and cards for the patrons of our Community Diner, and we served dinner there on December 17.  At this table, the girls were putting together snowman chocolate bars, complete with little hats and scarves:

We also made paper ornaments and fancy balls with glitter and floor polish!

Stockings for Brittany and family:

From gingerbread house day (this one is Tommy's):

And a sweet and rare picture of Zoe, because you know she hates the camera:


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  1. A corgi? I LOVE corgis!!!! So sweet. I am seriously envious of everything you've shown at the crafting get-together. What fun, and what neat projects!