Saturday, January 28, 2012

Some Finds, Some Crafts, Some Sweetness

It has been the weirdest January I can ever remember, weatherwise.  And all this warm weather has me anxious for the auction season to begin.  Thank goodness for antique shops and indoor flea markets.

On my way home from Indy last Friday, I stopped at the huge antique mall and found a few things: 

Maybe this dessert plate is the start of my Franciscan dinnerware collection.  Grandma Hunley had this pattern (Desert Rose), I always loved it and have been thinking about starting a set.  Something else to keep my eyes open for at the auctions (this summer's goals:  globes, white dishes and inexpensive furniture to re-paint.)  The song books were only a dollar apiece, and always come in handy at the Lutheran Home.  The handkerchief?  Well, I really don't need any more, do I?  But since it says "Happy Birthday," how could I resist?  

I'm still not acclimated to working 30 hours a week.  While I never was very good at keeping up with dusting and laundry, it's a bit worse now.  Thank goodness for Fridays off, when I can get a lot accomplished, if I keep moving!  But in the middle of a bunch of errands yesterday, I did make a stop at the Goodwill, and found a few things:  a yellow rose teacup for .50, the C&I dessert plate for $3.00, a white Williams-Sonoma bowl for a dollar, and the white vase for $3.00.  The four wool sweaters have already been through the hot wash/dry cycle twice, ready to be cut apart.  I had some big plans for these sweaters, but I laid them out on the workroom floor, and Zoe found a new favorite spot on top of them -- I think I might make a new pillow for her crate from them (and one for the workroom floor, too).

This new fabric (some from superbuzzy, some from fabricworm) is for two quilts, one for a sweet baby boy and one for our school auction.  Stay tuned.

I haven't done much crafting lately (besides knitting!) but took the Cricut off the shelf for a little vinyl cutting.  This cake carrier was for my supervisor, Lauren.  We have birthday lunches at the office (yet another thing to love about my new job) and Lauren had pinned a Snickerdoodle cake to one of her boards.  Although I ended up using an easier Cake Mix Doctor recipe, it was delicious.  Decorating the carrier was a snap, and if she doesn't care for the monogram or flowers, they are easy to peel off!

I also did this drink cup for my pal, Madge.  How cute is that?  And so easy.

And just because, here is one of my favorite pictures from Clay's birthday.  Sweet.


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