Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Reading List

I'm open to great book suggestions any time of year, but have found that the "best  of the year" lists published in December are a good way for me to keep up.

Yes, I realize that this puts me a whole year behind the literary world, but since I'm not in grad school, no longer subscribe to the NYT Review of Books and just read what I really like to read, a year behind is where I am content to be.

(I was secretly pleased, however, to see that I have read at least one book that showed up on many of the Best of 2011 lists -- Ann Patchett's State of Wonder.)
So here is my reading list for 2012; wish me luck.

The Marriage Plot (Jeffrey Eugenides)
The Call ((Yannick Murphy)
I Married You For Happiness (Lily Tuck)
The Devil All the Time (Donald Ray Pollack)
The Dovekeepers (Alice Hoffman)
Caleb's Crossing (Geraldine Brooks)
Swamplandia! (Karen Russell)
Train Dreams (Denis Johnson)
Forgotten Bookmarks (Michael Popek)
A Good Hard Look (Ann Napolitano)
On Canaan's Side (Sebastian Berry)
The Sense of an Ending (Julian Barnes)
The Art of Fielding (Chad Harbach)
Once Upon a River (Bonnie Jo Campbell)
Bright and Distant Shores (Dominic Smith)
Blue Nights (Joan Didion -- although The Year of Magical Thinking almost did me in!)

And, just to keep Clay happy, I will add Atlas Shrugged.  Yikes.



  1. Have you read "Sarah's Key"? It was great and the movie was excellent also.

  2. I am well over a year behind in my reading, but I figure if I read what I like, then it doesn't matter when I read them. I do have The Marriage Plot on my list this year and will use your list as a supplement to mine. You haven't steered me wrong yet! I just don't think I can do Atlas Shrugged!


  3. Georgie ... One of my many new years resolutions for 2012 is to start reading more (for fun anyway!). I was wondering where to even start my journey and poof.. your blog! Thank you for the guidance friend :)