Monday, August 8, 2011


I haven't posted for such a long time, but I've been keeping busy, I promise.  I took some projects to the fair,  worked up a couple of knitting patterns and wrote a bit.

But for today, here are some pictures of what has been taking up the most of my time -- redecorating the family room and kitchen:

We stripped all the wallpaper, then painted it a nice golden yellow -- Martha Stewart's Cornbread from Home Depot, to be exact.    Picture wall:

 Phone wall in the kitchen.  I "borrowed" my chalkboard from my workroom door -- I know it will be more useful here.
 Family corner.  Here you can see two of the projects I fell in love with on Pinterest.

Neither one of these projects took too much time or money -- I already had the frames and all the supplies.  Once again, thanks to my mom's extensive button collection, I had a ton of buttons to choose from.  I just printed a big "C" from the computer, cut it out then traced it onto the blue paper.  Then, using clear tacky glue, I filled in the letter with buttons.  There are some really interesting buttons on here, which don't show up too well in this picture.  Why don't you just come on over and have a look at it?  I'll make tea.

I think that the dates project I saw on Pinterest was letter pressed -- it is gorgeous.  But I thought I could get a similar effect using my Cricut.  Not quite as gorgeous, but I like it.  And, it fulfills a great purpose, as I have a pretty rotten reputation for not remembering my children's birthdates -- I remember to check the calendar when we're near their birthdays and I never miss having a party, but if you had asked me last week to tell you the days and years they were born, I'd probably make at least one mistake.  I know, it's shameful and just plain odd (for heaven's sake, I was there all three times!), but at least it gives the kids something to make fun of me for.  Now, I'll just be able to glance over at the wall and shut them all up.
And here is a picture of my great score from an auction I went to Saturday -- 24 melamine cups, 2 melamine cream pitchers, a chipped Fiesta cream pitcher and a turquoise coffee server, 4 cups and a sugar bowl.

$4.  I know.  Now, I really didn't need 24 melamine cups, etc., but for $4, how could I resist?


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