Monday, April 11, 2011

Cake Post

So, I need to learn how to categorize my blog posts over there on the right. All my knitting posts in one spot, all the recipes, all the parties. I know it's possible, I just can't figure it out quite yet. Until I do, here's a bunch of my cakes, just for my pal, April.

Griffin's First Birthday

Nate's 2nd Birthday - that's Max and Ruby, if you can't tell

Baptism Cake for Macey -- flowers made from gum drops

Super Why! for Tommy

Allie's Baptism

Griff's 2nd Birthday

Allie's Birthday

Tommy's 5th Birthday -- my most successful fondant attempt

Paul's 1st Birthday

Wills' 17th Birthday - Up

Joannie's Coconut Cake

Cake, Cake, Cake for the Brown Wedding

Carnival Cake for my twin pals

Sweet Taylor's 11th Birthday

Nate's 5th Birthday

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