Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not Much Better Than This

Yesterday, my college friend, Sue, posted on Facebook that "Active bloggers (those who have written in the last 30 days) are 23% more likely to enjoy being the center of attention." And she added, "keen grasp of the obvious. . ."

I understand that. I read a lot of blogs. But I'm probably more in the 77% camp. It is nice when friends read my blog and like what I have to say, but I am not so good at promoting it. I don't have any ads or my own link buttons for others to "grab". I just like writing about the stuff in my life, interesting or not to other folks.
I have, however, started posting my entries on FB, and I included the link here in my signature on a Readers/Writers board I have started visiting, which is a huge step forward for me.

To me, blogging is like journaling or scrapbooking. Mostly for me to remember what I did and why. Ideas for things to do later. Things I want (and I want my kids) to look back on and be happy.

So, in that spirit, I wanted to share this video clip, which is from the 25th Anniversary Les Miserable Concert. It reminds me of going to see Les Mis for the very first time at the Auditorium at IU with my mom. She was embarrassed by the lovely ladies of the night, but loved the show. It reminds me of when Clay and I saw it together, and how we love to listen to the soundtrack on long car trips and sing along. It reminds me of seeing it in Louisville at the Palace with my friends, and explaining the show to a bunch of ladies in the bathroom at intermission -- one little older woman said, "Oh thank you, dear. I knew it had to be good, but I just had no idea what was going on. They sing so fast!"
Plus, if it's here on my blog, I'll always know where to find it when I need it. Because, you know, sometimes you just need a little Jean Valjean.

Oh. I forgot to add. Alfie Boe, the Valjean who comes in last and changes the key and makes goosebumps, has officially made it onto my "Top 10 British Boyfriends" list. Today, he might just be #1.


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  1. Oh WOW, and I almost didn't click on the video! You are right about the goosebumps, but I hope you will understand if I don't add him to my British Boyfriend list:)