Monday, September 14, 2009


A plate of delicious hamburgers?

Or, hamburger cookies for the Letter H last week?

Spiderman web cookies for Tommy's pre-school class today:

When I was in kindergarten, my grandma made Indian chief cookies for my class -- she painted every feather in his headdress a different color. In first grade, she did the same thing, but with a turkey. She was amazing.

I have used the same sugar cookie recipe for years, but this time I tried a new one, from the America's Test Kitchen cookbook, and I must say, it is a good one. Wish my webs were a little more uniform, but no two spiderwebs are alike, are they? (or is that just for snowflakes?)


  1. Oh yum. They look a lot easier than my cupcakes!

  2. So easy, especially when you buy the icing in those little squeeze packets!