Thursday, June 19, 2008

A few more museum pictures . . .

Two monkeys

and some knitting! I don't know why I lost my need to knit, but I think I got it back through prep for knitting class last week. I always give them a pattern and/or a new stitch, and I found an interesting butterfly washcloth online at the Coats and Clarks site. (I re-wrote the pattern a bit to make it a little more understandable for my knit nighters -- you can find it here.) And then, I decided our new grandson (who is due any time now) needed a blanket of his own, so I cast on another pinwheel with Red Heart Kids; I know, I know -- it's nasty acrylic, but if this boy is as hard on his blanket as his brothers are on theirs, he needs a durable knit. Plus, it was inexpensive and came in nice bright colors. (Maggie said, "Ooo, fiesta!)
From the center:

All the colors:
Whatever the reason, I am glad to be knitting once again. It just feels right.

And, more museum pictures. All the kids at the entrance:

The Dale Chihuly sculpture. It is amazing, and can even be viewed from the bottom looking upward through the piece.

Diggin for dinosaur treasure:

Tommy in a submarine

Griffin at the controls


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  1. I love the museum pictures! Dale Chihuly is one of my favorite artists. I try to go to his exhibits whenever I can.