Friday, June 6, 2008

Busy times

So much going on. No knitting, though. (What's wrong with me?)

Anyway, tomorrow I have a funeral at 10, a wedding at 2:30, Mass at 5:00 with Emmanuel's baptism and party following. Play at the Methodist church Sunday at 9:30, then Mass at OLP at noon.

The priest from our sister parish in Haiti is here visiting this weekend -- we had dinner with him tonight, then we have a parish pitch-in tomorrow night and coffee and donuts after the Sunday Masses.

Tomorrow, Clay is driving Will and some of the other kids up to the airport to leave for their mission trip. He's got a lot to get together tomorrow.
Our Lady of Perpetually Uneasy Mothers, pray for us.

Then, on Wednesday, Clay leaves for China.

It made me tired just typing that. Off to bed.


Random thought of the day: I have never lived in a house without a basement.

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  1. YourSummerLoveSPJune 7, 2008 at 7:25 AM

    Pssssst! This is your Summer Love Secret Pal. Consider yourself claimed! Hey, do you spin? Do you have any interest in learning? Are you allergic to peanuts? Here's a (probably useless) hint - the state I live in grows good peanuts, so I want to send you some (as long as you're not allergic). You can answer in the Knittyboard 'claimed' thread if that would be easier.