Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tennessee Weekend

I don't think we did everything there is to do in Nashville, but Tour Director Pam did a bang up job of cramming the weekend full of fun. We ate well, got schooled in a little Civil War history, saw one outlandish country music star's home after another, met her other good friends over a lovely brunch (I mean that -- it was all very Southern Living) and talked and talked and laughed and laughed. See?
(This seemed like a really good idea until we realized that none of us was tall enough to reach the top holes. I had promised Lynne I would crop her backside out, but it's not all that big, anyway.)

My friend Brett says that it is impossible for women to get together without giving each other "a little something." It's true; I don't know if I learned that in college or where, but I really like doing it. So, I took everyone a bottle of Indiana wine, a Purdue-inspired washcloth and a bar of Eryn's soap, Falling in Love Salt Scrub:
Here are all 4 of the cloths:

Zig-Zag (which I'm going to call the Charlie Brown), Eyelet and Ridges, Mason-Dixon Ballband, and Mitered.

(I had a bit of an ulterior motive, because I am using two of these for class this week. Some of the newer knitters are having a hard time with knitting terminology, abbreviations and symbols, so that's my lesson for the week, and those will be the patterns I share with them.)

It's pretty amazing how, even after being apart for many years, we can just pick up where we left off. People change, but they don't really change, do they?

To be honest, I was nervous about going. I wanted to be thinner, smarter, richer and all-around more fabulous when I saw them. But I wasn't all those things when I was in college, and we loved each other then, as we do now.

Sometimes I am just plain silly. And if we were in Tennessee, someone would surely say, "Bless your heart" after my swift kick.


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  1. I can hear my aunt's voice in my head, "That Georgiann, Bless her heart, just needed a little trip to cheer her up."

    I'm glad everyone had fun! Nashville is a blast.