Thursday, December 6, 2007

St. Nicholas Day

Of all the Catholic traditions I have come to love, filling the kids' shoes with candy and treats on St. Nicholas Day is one of my favorites. Now that they are all practically grown and only Will is at home, the tradition has sort of gone by the wayside.

Although I have a lot to do today, I think I will get out my Santas and decorate the mantle, fill a wrestling shoe with some surprises and make Will the beef stew he has been asking for.

Happy St. Nicholas Day. May it be filled with peace.

Prayer for 12/6: Gracious and good Lord, we bless you on this feast of St. Nicholas, who is an example to us of a life of charity and love. May we see in his life an invitation to imitate his good deeds. Make us always mindful of the needs of others and help us rejoice in the abundance of your goodness around us. Through Jesus our Lord.

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