Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yesterday, I needed to go to Sam's to get some things for the week's events. I'm not much of a shopper, so to fortify myself for the trip, I drove through Starbucks. I ordered a venti gingerbread latte as prompted by Mary, the voice on the intercom. When I got to the window, I gave Mary my gift card and she handed me a grande mocha with two pumps (whatever that means). I handed it back to her and told her that wasn't mine, and repeated what I had ordered. "You know, I didn't even enter that," she told me as she handed my card back.

So, I went to Sam's without my coffee. The store was crazy, and twice store employees almost ran into me with massive carts of merchandise, then turned to glare as if I was in their way. Invisible, I tell you.
I am used to being invisible -- I do live with a 14-year-old boy, you know. Lately, I feel visible only when he is hungry, thirsty or needs the heat turned up. (Now that it is cold out, he and Clay have a nightly ritual: scoot the furniture so that they can both lay on the floor and watch TV with their feet on the register, then cover up. I know when the heat is on by the balloon of blanket over them. Actually, it's pretty cute.)
And maybe Advent is a good time to be invisible -- quiet and still in a world of commercial and retail chaos. And a good time to stay under a warm blanket.

Prayer for 12/4: the 500,000 displaced people in Darfur, who must feel invisible to the rest of the world.
We were far from invisible on Sunday, when Sarah and Maggie threw a "surprise" 25th Anniversary party for us. (It ceased to be a surprise when they had to change the date from Friday evening because of Will's wrestling meet). They did an excellent job -- the food was delicious and they decorated in our wedding colors. They put together a poster of pictures from the "early years" -- one friend said we hadn't changed a bit. Sweet, but so not true. They used our wedding picture for the invitations -- I haven't seen it yet, but Clay has, and said I would be proud (we made Sarah's wedding invitations and both girls' graduation announcements.)They both have busy lives, and it means so much that they took the time to plan this party. (I should mention that Will did his part and cut carrots -- he certainly mentioned it enough!) I need to borrow Sarah's camera and post some pictures soon.

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