Thursday, July 5, 2007

Three Purses

I still haven't gathered the nerve to start taking apart the pen pal sweater, but here are three purses I finished last week:

This little bag was knit with Ella Rae Classic using #7 needles. I had never even heard of this yarn before, but the lovely woman at Dee's in Louisville told me it felted "like a dream," and she was right. I didn't use a pattern for this one, but just garter stitched a rectangular strip then picked up stitches on the other 3 sides and knit in the round, just like the Booga Bag. The roses were done with Knit Picks WOA, and the leaves are just green felt. I lined it with some black toile I had leftover from a quilt back.

This is "almost" the Sophie Bag -- I couldn't print out the pattern, so I kept running back to the computer for the next directions! This is also knit and felted with the Ella Rae. I added the loop closure, and was planning on a big button, but used this circle pin of my mother's, instead. It is lined with a turquoise print flannel, again, left over from a quilt. I like the twisted handles, but think I need to take some invisible stitches here and there to keep it twisted uniformly.

Finally, here is a messenger bag, made with Noro Kureyon. This is the second bag I made for Maggie's friend, Cindy; the first one was "destroyed" at a party (I'm pretty sure I don't want the details on that). It was just a big rectangle, with a few rows of garter stitch for detail, then folded and sewn up. I lined both the bag and the handle with some shiny brownish/goldish fabric left from Sarah's wedding.
Here is the back of the bag; I love to see what the Noro does as you knit:

I am working on the Year of the Pig Noni bag -- more on that tomorrow.


  1. The purses look great, Georgie!

  2. OOh I love the first one especially though they all are very lovely! Great job!