Saturday, April 5, 2014

Layer Cake Sampler Quilt -- Blocks 7 and 8

One of the best things about participating in this quilt-along is seeing what everyone else is doing, via flicker and blogs.  

Of course, viewing the other beautiful blocks and color choices makes me want to start some of my blocks all over, which I might just do before all is said and done -- for one, I wish I hadn't used any white in the blocks.  Or that I had used white in every block.    

Another best thing is that Amanda had a giveaway last week for those who posted their blocks to a group site -- I did, and I won!  Nail polish and a jelly roll of beautiful material from Crimson Tate!   I guess that means I need to start painting my nails and planning a jelly roll quilt.  

I am still a little behind (Amanda posted blocks 13 and 14 yesterday), but here are my #7 and #8:



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