Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Stuff

Happy Summer!  It's been a great one, so far, full of family and friends and fun.  And rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

The roses have been battered, but there are still some sweet blooms, if you can find them under the clematis that has taken over the porch (there is a trellis and a boxwood under there somewhere):

Egads.  It makes the front porch nice and shady, and it's so beautiful when it blooms (usually in late August) but I think I might cut it back before it takes over the house.  Of course, the volunteer mulberries grow right up through the clematis vines.  Of course.

Here is what Clay did while I was at convention:
We have a screened-in porch!  

It's not quite done yet -- still needs some strips to cover the screen staples and a new light, but it's done enough to sit and enjoy.  

I couldn't help myself -- I was already doing a little decorating before he even had the screen door on.  
Turns out, it's sort of an homage to Grandpa Dale -- the Kvam's sign fits perfectly between the chimney and the door, reminding us of his love for the kids and that camp, and all the good times we had there: 

His bike.  I hammered a couple of nails through the spaces in the left pedal and it sits here nicely -- the basket is perfect for a book and a cool drink, and a pot of flowers would probably look sweet, too.  Will plans on restoring this bike, but until then, it has a home on the porch.

 And this table, which Grandpa had re-finished years ago.  We used it for our dining room table, then a TV stand, and now a porch table.  I just sanded it a little and spray painted it shabby white.  

 There's room for a hammock and maybe a lounge chair, and I think we need a cute rug, don't you?

In other happy news, Chuck sent me a package of promotional materials for the book:

No word yet on when we'll actually have the book in our hands, but I know it's soon!

And in my on-going quest to visit all of the Indiana State Historic Sites this summer, we toured the T. C. Steele Historic Site in Nashville last weekend with Jeff and Jeannine.  It was a great day, and a beautiful site.  It's free to walk the grounds (and there are several hiking trails) but if you want to tour the house and studio, it's $5.00 -- believe me, you will want to spend the $5.00 and see the great collection of his paintings housed there.


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