Sunday, April 29, 2012


Things have been a little busy since I last blogged.  I will try to sum it up quickly and categorically, then get on with blogging regularly again.  Ha!

- Working.  Taught a lot of classes, made a lot of orange-pineapple frozen yogurt, studied up on ancient whole grains.  Farro and amaranth for supper, anyone?

-Reading.  I tore through The Hunger Games trilogy.  Amazing.  These books might change my mind about post-apocalyptic fiction, but I'm still not ready for The Road.  I'm now reading What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank by Nathan Englander (short stories -- fantastic) and Let's Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson (completely irreverant and hilarious!)

- Knitting.  Not so much.  Sorry to say I haven't picked up the needles in a month, except to help a few friends at Knit Night.  Ready to get back to that ASAP.

- Music.  All the Easter music went quite well, then dear friends and I did a little cantata at the Lutheran Home, which was a great success.

- Psi Otes.  Sent out PCRs, went to the Indiana State Meeting (great fun) and walked in the Hear Indiana Walk/Talk/Run yesterday.  In the rain.  Pouring rain.  And thunder.  And lightning.  But at least I had new shoes and a great friend to keep me company!  Plus, breakfast at LePeep's after.

 - Automotive.  I got a new car!  A Mini!  Well, it's not new, but almost.  10 years ago.  But it is beautiful, and everything I wanted at a great price.

Racy, right?  Happy to report I haven't gotten a speeding ticket yet -- thank goodness for cruise control!

- Writing.  Finally "finished" Chuck's book (until someone tells us differently!) and it has been sent off to California for  . . .  who knows what?  Keep your fingers crossed that we can have a real book in his hands soon.  I have also been working on my own book, but had to put that on the back burner this week to do this:

- Paint a bus.


*AFB - Air Force Base or Away From Blog.  You choose

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  1. Loved the trilogy. Once Upon a River, not a happy book. Swamplandia, we'll see. I've wanted to put it down at times but haven't. Love the car. We never really get back to nornal, do we?