Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Antique 4-H'er -- Various Projects

A little of this, a little of that:

Freezer Paper T-shirts

Maybe the most fun you can have with paint and freezer paper. And a Cricut!
Tommy's 6th Birthday Cake - Superhero Squad!

Once again, just not as I had envisioned; this time it's cake decorating on cold medicine. The red building is a little wonky, but we decided to add a little story to the cake, and claim that The Hulk had given the building a little push. The web is chocolate I piped out onto freezer paper; it was a little warm that day, so I had to support it a little with spaghetti.

Griffin's Cupcakes

I didn't make these, but I thought they were extra cute in the cupcake holder I found at Crate and Barrel. I did make the little sign for the top, and Sharon added the army men. Team effort!

Charging Station

One day, Doug (of Love Bus fame) came into school with a load of stuff on his truck to take to a yard sale. He had a 1950's kitchen table and 4 chairs, which I bought immediately (pictures soon!) He threw in an old bread box and a beat up old side table with no bottom in the drawer. I nailed the table back together then replaced the drawer bottom with a piece of Masonite, cutting a hole in the back to let an electrical cord pass through. I sanded, painted, sanded and painted again, then used a pretty piece of scrapbook paper to line the drawer, velcroed in a power strip and now have a place to keep all of our chargers out of sight. Unfortunately, out of mind, as well; I've left the house 4 times now with my phone still in the drawer!

(It looks a little messy, but it works!)

And here's my breast cancer basket addition for today:

Yes, that is another pink cloth. One for your face, one for your dishes! Keep watching!


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  1. You talented and wonderful little thing, you!!! :)