Monday, July 26, 2010

Cleaning the Refrigerator

My new goal is to get and keep the house ACR -- Always Company Ready. You know, so we never have to go into panic mode when someone calls and wants to visit.
Please stop laughing.

I started in the kitchen. I washed all the little kitchy stuff on the window sill, cleaned out cabinets and decided which things I could live without (do I really need to keep the kitty cat cake pan that I used for Maggie's 2nd birthday? She is almost 23. No. Well, maybe).

Then, I decided to pull out the refrigerator and clean underneath. Yikes. I took a before and after picture, but I can't post them here -- it is too shameful. Nothing too nasty, but lots and lots of dust bunnies. Big black dust bunnies.

Then, I started at the top and wiped down the whole fridge. But I had to stop and admire all the things that had taken up residence on the front and sides. Old things, yellow things, sentimental things. Things that have been up there since before I knew what "acid free" meant or had a laminator. So, I decided to scan them. And share them:
Various magnets. A Grandma Shirley Remax from 16 years ago, a St. A magnet from 1999, and a WKSU magnet from circa 1989, I'm guessing. The Pioneer magnet? Wow. That's old.
Sister Josita gave me this xerox copy about 20 years ago; she had the original hanging in her office. Not sure what I did to deserve this honor, but I bet I was in trouble.
Grandma Shirley saved this comic for us, as she said it was "Maggie all over":
Soccer magnet of little Will:
And my favorite, which I think came from my mom's bulletin board:

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