Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Allie's Eulogy

I just can't write much lately, except in a little journal I started last week and will probably have to burn later since it is full of the f-word. But I thought I would share a nice piece of writing -- Clay's eulogy from Alex's funeral.
October 9, 2009
Alexander Clayton Anderson, Alex, our little Allie, was THE happiest baby I have ever known… and I’ve known a lot of happy babies. And I will love him and miss him every day for the rest of my life. His smile would light up a room, and I will always cherish the smiles that greeted me when he came through the front door to visit, when he was here when I came home from work, and when I saw him in the morning when the kids spent the night at our house. I will hold the memories of our trip to the Cleveland zoo last summer, and our trip to the wildlife refuge to see the ducks last week in my heart forever.
We loved, and worried, about Alex even before he was born. One day Sarah, 8-1/2 months pregnant, went to work and forgot her cell phone, which just happened to be the day of the flood in Columbus. Cut off from getting home, unable to call Adam or us to let us know she was okay, were some of the most stressful hours of my life, but they were ok... no big deal even… Alex would be born in Greenwood, at St. Francis Hospital. Then we learned that he might have a hearing problem, even be deaf in 1 ear, but over the months THAT seemed to go away too. This summer there was a concern he might have a digestive disorder, his stomach would get so hard and full when he would eat, but it turned out, he just liked to eat… a lot. But through it all, he kept smiling and laughing.
His appetite was truly amazing. It was only in the last month he would seem to get full, before that we had to stop feeding him. Just last Friday Sarah brought us home a tenderloin sandwich from the Oktoberfest as we watched the kids and he proceeded to eat ½ of George’s sandwich and then some applesauce. We wondered if there was anything he wouldn’t eat and I finally found 1 thing at Tommy’s birthday party last month, green olives, and that is another memory I will hold dear. He didn’t like it, in fact he even threw it at me, but he didn’t stop smiling, and he didn’t stop eating. He immediately opened his mouth for more pasta salad with a wary eye looking for more green olives, because you know, I tried to give him more.
It is entirely appropriate that today is cloudy and rainy, because today our hearts are breaking. Everyone’s prayers and good wishes have meant more than you could ever know and I don’t know how we will ever be able to repay everyone’s kindness during this week. But it is also entirely appropriate that tomorrow, and this weekend, will be beautiful and sunny, because that’s what Alex was. We owe it to him, and to Tommy and Nate, and Sarah and Adam, to be happy again, because that’s what Alex would be… that’s what Alex is. We will be happy again, I promise you that, and I look forward to the days and years ahead with Tommy and Nate, playing with them and helping them, and keeping Alex alive and happy in their memories. It helps a great deal to know that heaven is a little happier today with Alex, our little Allie, there.
Thank you…

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  1. Oh how I love you guys - Sarah truly is lucky to have you as her parents...and the boys as their Mimi & Grandma! Clay's eulogy was beautiful when I heard it, and it was just as beautiful when I read it here. Heaven truly is a happier place with little Allie up there! Love you guys!