Sunday, June 14, 2009

Paul's Baptism

I'm a little behind, once again. But here are some pictures from Paul's baptism:

Will and Sarah are his godparents (thanks to a little dispensation from Father Todd -- godparents are to have "completed their 17th year" -- Will's not quite there, but I think it was a goodwill parting gesture on Father's part.)

He was so good, and barely fussed

I'm not sure what Nate thought of the whole thing, with all the prayers, ritual and good-smelling oil all over Paul's head, but he was a good sport. And then we had a nice dinner at our house together. It was a beautiful day all around.

Paul's outfit (made with fiddly satin -- my poor old sewing machine did not like this fabric. I hope his baptism still counts even if his mimi cussed over this little suit!) The buttonhole setting doesn't work anymore either (along with the bobbin winder) so I did them by hand --it's been a long time since I did that! Where did I get the buttons? From my mom's tins, of course!
He was baptised in the gym, where we have been having mass, because our church looks like this:
They are putting in new carpet, new wiring, new sound and the pews are being refinished. It's sad that Father Todd got all this going in preparation for our big anniversary next year, and now won't be around to enjoy it.

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